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Rawlings 24' HOH Pro Label Elements Series: Ice - 11.50" (PRO204-2CB)


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Cold as ice, this Rawlings Heart of the Hide Pro Label Element Ice 11.5" Baseball Glove ensures that every catch feels effortless, sending shivers down the spines of opponents!

Immerse yourself in the core essence of the sport like never before with the Rawlings Pro Label Elements Series Ice Glove! This limited-edition Heart of the Hide glove boasts a frosty Columbia Blue colorway, proclaiming to all on the diamond your cool, composed nature as if you have ice flowing through your veins. In the heat of the game, your glove narrates your mastery and control!

Crafted from renowned, premium steerhide leather, this Pro Label Glove encapsulates the purity of the elements in its design and functionality. The legacy of the Heart of the Hide series, cherished by generations of ball players, is a testament to the unwavering craftsmanship and dedication embedded in each glove.

With its 204-pattern design and I-Web configuration, this glove is a favorite among professional infielders, offering seamless fluidity and rapid transfers, akin to the smooth flow of melting ice.

Additionally, Heart of the Hide Pro Label Elements Series Gloves stand out in a league of their own, featuring a unique leather oval-R and a leather Rawlings patch, distinguishing themselves in the dugout like a rare ice crystal in a field of snow