Did you know we offer a Skate Sharpening Card? Pay $60, for a value of $80! 10 Sharpens Included.

Custom skate sharpening while you wait, by hand! 

Each staff member here at Butlers has been thoroughly tested in the sharpening room before handling customers skates. This ensures you get a quick, quality sharpening at a great low price. Our sharpening room is equipped with a three wheel table designed by Blademaster, including two sharpening wheels and a cross grinding wheel. We grind each blade we see down to a flush, flat surface. Which is followed by a multitude of passes along the sharpening wheel. Then once the edges are perfectly developed, we finish each sharpen with a layer of Gusto-Glide along the blades edges, and one final pass. This gives all our customers the satisfaction of a shiny, sharp set of skates each and every day.