Did you know we offer a Skate Sharpening Card? Pay $60, for a value of $80! 10 Sharpens Included.

Glove Relacing, Conditioning and Break-in Services


We here at Butlers care for your glove, even if you don't! We offer a variety of lace colors,  and will try our best to meet any request. Whether its the Web, pocket, fingers or thumb, the boys at Butlers have got you covered. 

Glove Break-In:
We also offer a full break in service, standard rate on pro model gloves is $25 per glove. This process typically takes about 2-3 total hours worth of work, and our usual turn around is within 1-2 days. Most youth gloves will break-in significantly without much effort, which we do not charge for. But the higher the quality of the leather and lace is, the more it takes to work in and loosen the mitt getting it closer to being your gamer!